ULab September 10th on edx.com

Theory U quick start

The second ever U.Lab

The first U.Lab on edx was at the start of 2015. 28,000 people enrolled. The U.Lab has been a great introduction to the Theory U framework and how to put it into practise.

Getting up to speed with learning from the future that wants to emerge gives us an access to inherent intelligence so that we can co-create ways of shifting to a transitioned life.

Here’s the info email from the U.Lab course team

Dear U.Lab Friends,

U.Lab 2.0 begins September 10th, 2015, and many of you have asked for the times and dates of the live sessions. All live sessions will be held from 10:00am – 11:15am Eastern US Time*. The full schedule for U.Lab is listed below, with the live session dates in bold: 

  • September 10: Week 0: Launch, orientation and local co-initiation 
  • September 17: Week 1: Live session 1 — Co-initiating our U.Lab journey
  • September 24: Week 2: Suspending and listening
  • October 1: Week 3: Co-sensing from the edges of the system
  • October 8: Week 4: Live session 2 — Presencing: connecting to Source
  • October 15: Week 5: Crystallizing the emerging future
  • October 22: Week 6: Co-creating to prototype the future
  • October 29: Week 7: Live session 3 — Co-evolving prototype initiatives
  • November 5: Week 8: Global Movement Building (U.Lab 2.0 closing session)

We will then reconvene for a fourth live session:

  • December 17: Week 7+7: Live session 4 — Sharing results, co-shaping the journey ahead *(Daylight Savings Time in the US is November 1st. Please check how this might impact the timing of the live session in your part of the world)

Wondering whether you should enroll in U.Lab again?

We’ve learned that many people who found U.Lab 1.0 personally meaningful plan to use U.Lab 2.0 to mobilize their communities and/ or bring their prototyping idea to another level of scale. We invite you to do the same.

In addition, U.Lab 2.0 will be different in a number of ways, including:

  • A new module on Social Presencing Theater
  • Two additional weeks of content – one focused on learning journeys, the other on prototyping
  • A stronger focus on applying the U process to an issue, challenge, or system you want to change
  • A new and improved Presencing Institute website
  • New guest faculty interviews
  • And much more…

You can access the new registration page here.

Have questions? We now have a new, more interactive Facebook group. Join us there and let’s continue the conversation.

All the best,

Adam, Julie, Otto, and the U.Lab team

U.Lab information links

U.Lab intro youtube (4mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF8wV9OlUHc




U.Lab Hubs

The hubs are made up of people who are exploring the theory U framework, putting it into practise and want to participate in a local community of practise.

Join the parramatta, sydney and australia U.lab hubs at https://www.presencing.com/engage/hubs.

Facebook page for the Sept U.lab



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