Monthly Gatherings


Community Resilience in Action

We have monthly gatherings, sharing how we can live sustainably, localise economy, re-skill, rebuild community relationships, grow food.

What do you want to see in our local community? Together we can make it happen!

Next transition meeting Wed 24th Sept

Supporting each other in living a transitioned life.

Special September will be held at the ethiopian Aboll Cafe restaurant in merrylands, 7pm-9pm, 4th wednesday.

Local Food Growing
Kathy will give a talk on why we should grow our own food and tell her backyard food growing experience.

Soil nutrients
Tom will relay news about nutrient density in our food. How can your soil mineral balance be checked and amended to ensure optimum nutrition for food grown at home. How this part of picture fits into our model of the soil food web.

Ecotherapy Photobook
check out the creative exploration the has flowed from the ecotherapy so far. Two more sessions to come. see below.

Moses of Aboll cafe is happy to have us use the upstairs room in return for us having dinner there or a coffee. Try the Injera, a delicious fermented bread, with slow cooked lentils, YUM!

Gatherings 3rd Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm (except 24 sept 2014)

Venue:     11 Albion Street Harris Park


Format: Movies on transition, Share a light meal, Learn a skill, speak in circle, act locally, create a project, join a project.


19 Feb 19 Mar 16 Apr 21 May 18 Jun
16 Jul 20 Aug 24 Sep 15 Oct 19 Nov
and Xmas 17 Dec

Monthly bush walk: See the website for details:



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