Ecotherapy Leadership Course 2015


Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Next session Sunday 11th October at 10:30 – 12:30

At merrylands community garden in Orana Lane Merrylands

Enter Orana Lane from Newman street opposite Merrylands library, or from St Ann Street.

Home cooked lunch afterwards : $10

Bookings call Ling 0410 688 499


Attend four sessions or attend one – see the full description below

Book your place using the contact form below.

Eco therapy is a ideal leadership training, for those wishing to take a leadership role in sustainably and the environment. It is a depth immersion into nature, and reflection on your relationship with it. “Be the change you wish to see” as Ghandi famously said. It is easier said than done. Transforming your view of the world has got to come before you can work effectively with change in anyone else.

Introduction to Ecotherapy

March or April

Exploring our relationship to the natural world and the deep connection we share with our home, and how an awareness of this connection makes us more human, and whole. Write simple haiku poems as a way of noticing and mindfulness.

Exploring Autumn’s themes

Saturday 2nd May

Mindfully and creatively exploring autumn’s themes of Change and Letting Go. Many things in nature all shed their skin/bark: among them, caterpillars, frogs, snakes and gum trees.  Using a form of the  shatter technique and natural materials, gently explore our deep human longing for  transformation, our need for change, and any blocks to it that may be present.

Bushwalk Bonus

Saturday 11th July


Ruined Castle Walk Katoomba

  • 360 degree views
  • 3-4 hour walk, best for those with medium fitness level.
  • Lyre birds almost guaranteed
  • Photography opportunity
  • BYO lunch and water.

Flowers!  Flowers!  Flowers!

Saturday 11th October

Enter into and participate in the earth’s  spring burst of energy expressed in flowers.  Choice of temporary art in Flower Carpets, Rangoli, and Mandala’s using petals and colours of spring.

Join a nature trail

Sunday 7th November

Manuel Valeontis –  amateur photographer who has been visually capturing nature for many years will have some basic tips for setting up shots, composition and camera functions.  SLR cameras best, but bring what you have.  A great way of seeing the world, and being in the moment, using technology!

Session Dates

dates March/April  2 May Sat 11 July Sat bush walk
 11 Oct Sun  11 Nov Sun

Sessions – start at 10am go to midday, then we will have lunch together:

Venues: Sorrell Lane Community Garden, North Parramatta
or Merrylands Community Garden, Orana Lane Merrylands
Cost $10 – includes lunch (bring a plate and cutlery)
Bookings Essential: Please use the contact form below to enquire or book.

This course is funded by Parramatta City Council

Get in touch about the course with the contact form below>


ecotherapy flyer final p2

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