Whale Watch Royal National Park NSW

You go to watch the whales but there is always a few bonus. Hanging out with your friends, sharing a meal next to the creek, soaking up the sights, smells and feelings of being in the bush…


Whale Watching

IMG_6703On a perfect sunny winter’s Saturday,
Humpback Whales on their Ancient Pilgrimage northwards,
swimming and breathing out,
gave us a free gift of great beauty and joy, spontaneously, naturally.
Next morning they returned to me in meditation,
as a memory of them in the vast deep ocean and subject to dangers from humankind.
They awoke a compassionate question – what can I give them,
how can I help so that their Great Way can continue on?
A humble answer followed clear and true.
Each of us can reflect, ask and will receive a true answer too…


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