5 native bee hotels that will capture your imagination

Hey Joey, you’re the man! Your carpentry mastery made it simple for us to do hands on native bee hotel making.

As part of Transition Parramatta’s urban ecology theme we aim to learn how to create habitat for local native species. Make the city a native species friendly place (as much as we can). Bee Hotels are meant to provide some nesting place for our native pollinators. That needs to be complemented by providing their favourite food species as well.

Since this is the third time Transition Parramatta has run native bee hotel making we’re getting the hang of it. Offcuts from Joey’s joinery shop are brought home, then pre-cut and given pre-drilled holes for the bees to make nests in. We then could finish five bee hotels in two hours, ready to take home.

Julia Finn our local Granville state MP came along and pitched in with some joinery work.


Native Bee Hotel Tips

Drilling the holes for the bees to use

6 mm hole with 100mm depth – most common
8 mm hole with 150 mm depth – most common
3 mm hole with 70mm depth
9.5 mm hole with 150 mm depth

Add some other sticks

In amongst the blocks of wood add some small bamboo or lantana stalk sticks. The bees may use these to nest in as well.

Different Bees different needs

Not all native bees will use these bee hotels. Some would use a mud wall as a nest block. check out how to make a nest block

Food and Habitat for Australian Native Bees

Plant species list can be found at http://backyardbuddies.net.au/bugs/fliers/native-bees

Other resources



Google images of bee hotels

Halcroft and Batley outstanding native bee and hotel guide



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