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Loving Local Travelogues Brooklyn

The tuck shop cafe in Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury. Crisp clear and delightful. Lucky kids at the local primary school have their lunches made by the cafe. They were even getting hand made chicken nuggets, nothing industrial for these kids. … Continue reading

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5 native bee hotels that will capture your imagination

Hey Joey, you’re¬†the man! Your carpentry mastery made it simple for us to do hands on native bee hotel making. As part of Transition Parramatta’s urban ecology theme we aim to learn how to create¬†habitat for local native species. Make … Continue reading

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Whale Watch Royal National Park NSW

You go to watch the whales but there is always a few bonus. Hanging out with your friends, sharing a meal next to the creek, soaking up the sights, smells and feelings of being in the bush…   Whale Watching … Continue reading

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