Ecotherapy at Merrylands community garden

Kerryn and crew tried out a new venue for Ecotherapy today at the Merrylands community garden in Orana Lane just opposite the library.

The theme for this session was Composting.

What is it in our minds that can be composted and thus provide fertiliser for beautiful flowers and nourishing vegetables in our lives?

What happened as this session unfolded, here’s some quotes

Learnings from today

Lots- will need time to process what we have done and how it influence in my life……onwards.
Love, peace, friendship, sun, water, connections, feelings…
More about composting and the autumn season
Making compost principals using weed water for healing soil.
More about the theory of composting

How did you connect more with your self?

Lead into myself with gentle, insightful guidance. Non- threatening but deep. Allowed to share as I wished.
-Spending time in the garden……..smelling, touching, feeling, listening
-Spending time in the garden, just watching, soaking up the sun…
-Spending time in the garden, running tai chi
Spending time in the garden……cooking
With Listening Breathing, welcoming nature letting go…
I felt that I was able to connect with the earth and nature more, and the natural cycles within nature and within myself.

What was your favorite thing?

The 1st walk to pick up something to symbolise our life.
The sun, the blue sky, the connection, the songs of nature…
Art works put me into a more creative way
Compost, sharing, being in the garden and receiving this energy.
Meeting new, interesting and friendly people and being outside in the sun, in nature.

Any suggestions for next time?

Space for more sharing.
Allowing time for the participants to talk, listen and share with one another…
A talk about nature plants, trees bushes and flowers.

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