Ecotherapy with poetry

July 5 Ecotherapy was spent immersing ourselves in Nature Writing and planned the last november session in the blue mountains. Next session is Sunday 3rd August

Environmental Writing

Writing in response to the beauty of the earth and our relationship with it.

The focus was on welcoming winter, and we stared with a simple acrostic poem, where you write a one word theme down the side of your page and add words or phrases  that start with. Like the following:

Starting of with some Acrostic

Take a word and use each of the letters to start the lines of a poem

Worship Sun
Inner time
Turning In
Exploring Inner Terrains

Warm fire
Near the fresh playful wind
Treading on crunchy leaves
Eating hot soup
Running cool, running cold, loving freezing cold

Wisdom and
Inside in
To talk
Enter in the
River of life

Welcome spirit
Inner core
Next step
To eternity
Embrace life
Renew yourself

Then enjoying some Haiku

Then we moved on to the simplicity and beauty of Haiku.  Haiku  comes to us from the Japanese Zen tradition. Matsuo Basho 1644 1694 is known as the Father of Haiku.

Haiku are a wonderful way to write about nature, and the discipline of them is that they are so  minimalist.  Adhering to the structure of Haiku: which is

Line 1 – 5 syllables
Line 2  – 7 syllables
Line 3  – 5 Syllables

requires you to condense and distil what you are trying to say, to allow the silence and power of nature to speak through it.  It can surprise you what your concluding line comes up with sometimes, and can be insightful, meditative and reflective to both read and write Haiku.  The group wrote some really beautiful, funny and sometimes surprisingly profound poems, which we are happy to share!

Silky oak stands
life has its place to be
branches shelter me


Freezing winds of time
The wattle lies in slumber
waiting for spring

A chilly morning
Is telling me to start slowly
and warming up my heart

Wattle Haiku

Harbinger of Joy
Prepare us for new life burst
Hope springs in our heart

Look Deep

Green you may say WOW!
How Green when you look deeper!
Green still see you?

 And something a bit more about winter time

Whinging to the cold you may,
Inner wind building up you might,
Nesting resting why not you say,
Trusting that winter will soon away
Ease our soul, ease our mind may you,
Rush no more but resting your body, mind and soul.

Hungry for Food
Food of thought, food for my hungry tummy,
Food of love, food for my trouble soul,
Food of labour, food for my tireless physical body,
Food of war, food for my heart in pain,
Food of peace and harmony, food for you and me!
Food of hated and delusion, food that poison our body and soul.
Peace I feel in my mind space when I am in the garden
Peace indeed my heart sing when I am with the one Mother Earth
Peace deep in my mind silence when I am with the land
Peace truthfully when one melt onto one with the universe

Tom’s Straight Doggrel

Happy little human beings
Bright and Sparky
Yet living a winter of the soul
Entranced by the glitter of shiny things
Yet creating a chill wind of planetary shift
The promise of spring lies in our hearts
Will we gather together our human gifts?
Support a purpose that is just a choice
To keep the planet liveable for All.

 November in the blue mountains

On November 18 the last Ecotherapy session will be up the Blue Mountain at a lovely waterfall at Lawson.  We will spend time tuning into nature, picnic and doing some more nature writing and poetry.  We hope you can join us, and bring friends and family  for a lovey reflective celebration of spring.

July ecotherapy Sorrell Lane Community Gardens Lings pumpkin noodles Pachamama people Wattle Wow!

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