Ecotherapy journey has begun

Ecotherapy journey has begun! 

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9 participants joined our circle around  the “campfire of the heart’  in Sorrell Lane Community Garden in North Parramatta,  on April 3 2014  to explore further what Ecotherapy is and how it can enhance one’s  life. (The next session is on 3rd May)

The first session we focused on tuning into the season:  the seasonal change of early autumn and its themes.  With a unusually long spring/summer this year, is taking its time to surrender to the time of coolness of winter.  Generally the seasons are something we can rely on, but with global climate change,  where will it settle, if it settles?  Or is change the only thing we can now  rely on?    There is an  uneasiness about what the seasons are going to be like as the planet warms up. 

The centre piece was a cornucopia overflowing with seasonal fruit and veggies.  The fullness of summer and  its harvest were a central focus, and gently applying that to our lives?  Reflection questions were asked :

what has come to fullness in your life?   

What needs to given thanks for?  

What needs to be stored for the winter coming, what needs to be composted down for next season of growth?   

The ideas of harvest festivals in all cultures explored , and the concept  of  “thanksgiving” rediscovered.   Childhood memories were evoked of farms and grandparents who lived closer to the land.  The lines of a letter by Leunig were read from contemplation:

“It is autumn at Curly Flat.  Something vast and marvellous is coming to an end.  How perfect and radiant is the death of anything which has run its true course. How beautiful is the death of summer, dear Vasco.  Perhaps only that which is true can complete itself.

How this poor world is crowded and poisoned and choked with unfinished business.  We must make way for new life!  …from Michael Leunig’s Curly Pyjama Letters, Penguin (2001)

The spirit of welcome and inclusion for all  beliefs and spiritualties , we read Stephanie Dowrick’s prayer together:

“My prayer today is to allow nature to teach me, to teach all of us

To allow nature to heal me, to heal all of us and for this to happen while we pause long enough to ask:    What is needed?…..”

Material’s were provided and participants invited to explore their response to the season creatively, by  making a mixed media collage, including fruit printing on fabric, home made paints with natural dyes and chalk pastels.  Peoples expression of the season were placed in the centre, and sharing about what the work meant to participants was very meaningful. 

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We shared a fabulous vegetarian lunch together, pumpkin curry.  Really fresh and wonderfully warming food, 

Some feedback  from participants  were:

“thank you for yesterday. It was indeed to great to have connected This is the beginning of a beautiful journey that i can see ahead!”

“Fabulous food!  Really fresh and tasty! Thanks so much” 

We look forward to welcoming back some old and new faces on May 3 for compost therapy! 

We will: 

  • explore several methods to make great compost, including the most accessible for plants;  colloidal  compost
  • make an autumn heap for the Sorrell Lane Community Garden, that could be replicated in any backyard
  • do some hands on making our own symbolic “heap”

 Participants are invited to bring something  actual or symbolic of  what needs to be let go of, and  break down into fertile new soil, to feed the new growth of spring in their lives.   Please also bring;

  • Mat or cushion
  • Water
  • Hat/sunscreen
  • $10 for lunch

Bookings:  please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch about booking your spot in the next session.

Check out the events page for upcoming courses

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