BZE Renewable Energy Superpower Project volunteers

Imagine: One day the headlines will read ‘Civil Society Group Saves the Day’.

With a sub heading ‘While government and business were out to lunch’.

The Beyond Zero Emissions folk just keep on putting their hearts into it!

The next big thing which is underway is the Renewable Energy Superpower project. Not only to further the 100% renewable scenario for powering Australia, but how that renewable energy can be exported to the world. Check it out! There’s lots of ways to support this even if you don’t get on the research team. BZE have a Sydney group who does presentations on the Stationery Energy Plan.

There is also the Buildings Plan and the High Speed Rail Plan and a few others.

Launch of the High Speed Rail Plan

The event will be held at Melbourne University on the evening of 9 April and at University of New South Wales on 30 April. Better subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date on that.

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