Transition Conversations – Effective Groups

Heirarchy, Collaborative, Holacracy

Understanding the ways groups work effectively has been a study for Nick Osborne for many years. He did a sweet job of facilitating the second Transitions Conversation webinar run by transition network and Gaia University.

This time there was 20 planetary people on the call; Sweden, US, UK, South America, Australia and who knows where else.

Nick’s story of working in groups looks to me to be a reflection of the learning journey that we are all going through. Learning to create that transitioned way of living and exploring different ways of being together and getting things done in ‘viable mode’. Half way through the session he gave us the option to choose which topic to pursue for the rest. The webinar system allowed everyone on the call to vote by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4. Quite neat.


This is the structure that got my attention. Reckoned to be an agile setup which has good governance in its setup. Now that it is interesting in itself since often enough strong governance is not associated with being agile. It also makes for good communication and connection amongst the group. And the doing bit is that it allows the energy of the passionate person to be put into action effectively. It is agile in the sense that it accommodates change quickly. No one was saying one size fits all, there can be a place for hierarchical and for collaborative and for the many other structures.

I reckon holacracy would suit getting on with Global Group Synergise. Unlocking our group genius to create the culture that is as Thomas Berry said ‘a viable mode of human presence’.

The transition network site has a few short videos which give a good overview of what Nick was talking through. There are a few other links below as well.


the Transition trainers including Nick

Check out the upcoming trainings in Parramatta

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