Australia Day in parramatta park

The transition towns message didn’t melt like last Australia Day. It wasn’t soooo hot like 2013.

We had a nice stall and a steady stream of people coming up to have a chat.

Fascinating thing is that when you randomly ask people ‘how is your vege garden going” a lot of people have got something to say about the balcony or back yard or verge. Stories about whopping tomatoes or snow peas in hanging baskets.

One of the activities was for visitors to write their vision for their local area on a leaf. We ended up hanging up quite a few leaves on our little trees on the stall.

Here’s a summary

  • Green Areas – more trees – more seeds – more colourful gardens – more community gardens
  • Children/Youth – more play grounds – get serious about youth unemployment – help for scouts
  • Peace – safer area – encourage friendship in the community – fairness
  • Public Transport – free S Parra shuttle bus – cycle paths – better public transport
  • Environment – solar panels on public housing – zero emissions buildings – free from pollution
  • family and community – longer school holidays – help old people – see the world with family
  • Pool – keep Wenty pool open – a bigger Parra aquatic centre
  • Art – Artist hub at old kings school

And, Here’s the flicks:

IMG_4530 IMG_4533 IMG_4537 IMG_4541 IMG_4544 IMG_4580 IMG_4587 IMG_4589

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