Community Garden – Harmony Community Garden Auburn

I ran the second Garden Connect cooking workshop in Auburn. Another happy event. Everyone loved the delicious dishes that Ling did.

17 people were at the Harmony Community Garden Auburn for lunch

The Wisdom of Children

One of the kids clearly stated that a Liveable Planet is more important than money.

The Meal

Before preparing the meal the gardeners volunteered produce from their plots to go into the pot.

There was Down to Earth Salad, greens from the gardens picked right there and then.

Sweet Potato Curry, with organic pumpkin from our Lettuce Deliver organic box and fresh picked lemon grass.

Vegetarian meat balls with rosemary from Ling's garden.

Fried rice; parsley from the garden fresh and tasty.

No wonder the lunch tasted fabulous. Those fresh ingredients, the good company stirred in with Love. No plastic was used and palm plates and corn cups were used and promoted.

A visit from the neighbours

Robyn from Wentworthville garden came with her son, and a token of connection from Wentworthville garden to Auburn garden, a pumpkin. Two things I have asked Robyn to remind me to do for the workshop at Wentworthville garden are

1- to acknowledge the token of connection at the beginning
2- to go around the circle and give all participants a min to talk about their gardening experience


Thank you very much for all your support and love in doing these workshops…I am very happy and honoured to be the facilitator of this great turning of sustainability in action.

What a Meat FREE Lunch!

this is some of the feed back:

  • informative
  • more than a cooking session
  • relaxed and unwind
  • the food is so yummy
  • we have learnt so much
  • organic food clearly taste good
  • spending time out door is so good
  • good to learnt about the vege in this garden and their uses
  • i am inspired
  • more of these workshops please
  • feeling connected
  • very yummy and very interesting
  • new techniques on chopping and cooking


One of the kids replied to this question ” what is important to you….money or a liveable planet?” without any delay, she said, “Liveable planet”

This is another happy story and I am very happy and fulfilled by the answer.

Dennis, one of the Sustainability officers from Auburn council said…This workshop contained many sustainability flavours and messages. And food seem to have brought people closer to each other. Love to see more of these workshops.

We had 3 kids accompanying their mums, a few grandmas, a mix of cultural backgrounds. Even with few shared languages, when it comes to food and garden….words are only extra and not necessarily needed.


Next Garden Connect event

The next workshop is this Sunday 29th 11am at Edible Garden, Sorell Lane North Parramatta.I think we could ended up with 30 people this Sunday. There will be kids friendly activities and kids friendly recipes as the parents from the CCC will be bringing their kids and a few local artists have confirmed coming.Cheers to garden connect,


Thank you all for making this connection possible for all of us.

we have such a down to earth, relaxed, yummy, informative and connected day out at Harmony community garden today.








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