Native Bees Course

Megan Halcroft is giving a course on native bees in Glenbrook on Sunday 18th August 2013. 

The website is :
Title: Australian native bees of the Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra regions
Date: Sunday 18 August 2013
Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Cost: $50.00 per person
Venue: Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve. See details of the venue below
Address: Great Western Highway, Opposite the Tourist Information Centre, Glenbrook NSW Enter “Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve” for directions on Google maps

Course outline: 

The following topics will be covered: 

  • The importance of bees in our environment: including honey bees, stingless bees, semi-social and solitary bees
  • How bees contribute to biodiversity in the ecosystem
  • The economic importance of bees in our world
  • The pollinator crisis worldwide
  • How bees improve crop production
  • Some anatomical adaptations that make bees the best pollinators in the world
  • How to identify some of the native bees in your own garden
  • How to attract native bees into your garden
  • How to conserve and provide habitat for native bees
  • View the inside of a stingless bee (Austroplebeia australis) nest
  • How to make native bee nests, from the basic to the beautiful
  • Some invaluable online resources you can access to learn more about our bees

Email Megan for details to register: megan (e t)


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