Are we safe from ourselves?

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Esser @ Flickr

My transitioning perspectives become more conscious with the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and new ideas for practice. A lifetime of an insatiable need for seeking and learning the greater knowledge and mysticism on this planet, takes me on an ever increasing journey to consciousness …. And with that, somehow , even in my occasional resistance, goes the self responsibility to take ownership over my actions, and to realise the ultimate affect of all things.

These mind breaking light bulb moments , come at the most obscure of times, and I find some humour in the simple things that concrete our depth of realisation!

Now I watch more closely,  viewing this society with wider eyes, and find myself sometimes in shock and slight dismay of our consumerism and disposable society.

I was enjoying a hot tub of late , and casually reached over for the razor to shave the hair on my legs! Lo and behold , the mere action of realising that the razor was blunt and I needed to use a new plastic disposable razor got me contemplating on our ‘throw away’ society.  I realised that we are really so irresponsible with the degree of products we flippantly use , then just throw away once done, only to be disposed of time and time again after minimal use.

I was slightly shocked by this proposition… Furthermore my heart became saddened to realise this situation more deeply in viewing the Westfield food court on a trip to the local shops. The amount of plastic being consumed , and disposed of was shocking. I could not bear to see such throw away consumerism, and I wonder just how many truckloads of plastic are taken away each day from our activities …..

Where does all this plastic go? Really? That is my question ,…. I know nothing about waste disposal, and I can only imagine that all this destructive plastic waste gets taken somewhere and buried?  Where does it get buried? In which sad corner of our country does all our waste get transported to , and disposed of after our ‘single use’ society.

What does this all mean for the future of our planet?  Will we eventually run out of space? And, is it a sustainable option to keep filling the planet with our over extensive use of products and the throw away waste?

These are all big questions for me, and ones no doubt I will need to research and find more out about.  I guess this is part of the ongoing journey , and the transition to a more aware mind set , where we see and know the affect of our actions.

I am happy to begin this journey, as I really want to do my bit to preserve and maintain our beautiful nature and this planet.  It’s the only one we have got – and is it not worth saving?

I’m sure if we continue along this same path of this disposable consumerism, we will be contributing towards a fast destruction of our environment.

Is this really the contribution we want to leave?  What of our legacy for future generations? This is all quite serious stuff…

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