Transitioning to Life

This transition journey is new for me. I have lived my life with a deep care and connection for the environment and humanity , thought didn’t really get the idea that for this great planet and this civilisation to work most effectively we really need to instigate change; and also start doing things differently… and somehow do this all together in a unified way!

Here I want to share my ongoing journey with you; a journey of growth and realisation. A journey towards the hope for better things- the hope for the good of our planet, the strength of our self awareness and connection with those all around.

The Transition Towns movement appears to offer us a framework for these things, and also the practical knowledge and understanding of why it is important to embrace such a model of change. I am keen to do my research though, as my questioning and information seeking nature always wants to know the theory behind the practice and to see it evidenced with an outcome of positive application!

This will be quite a revolutionary journey I am sure!

Since beginning my transition journey last year, I am just realising the simple things I can do to implement small ways of change in my everyday tasks to contribute to making a difference. As with learning any new habits , it takes time and we need to do it gently and lovingly. Living in a unit, I decided that my habit of using the dryer for drying each and every washing load was perhaps an area where I could implement some change. When I thought about the extra time necessary to hang out my washing the rack to air dry , I was a bit annoyed that it would take me more time and more effort to do the task in this manner. However, the benefit was that I would be saving electricity ( some $$$) and also I would be taking an action to reduce my energy consumption, with particular emphasis on the care for our planet earth in mind as I do this. I realised that for me to do this in a way that really feels most valuable and with a conscious connection, is that I had to change my mind set about it. I had to change the ‘extra time and effort annoyance’ mindset to the ‘doing with awareness to assist our planet’ contribution. This seems to be quite a valuable process for me , as I begin to realise the small things I can do with a conscious awareness of the reasons why, and the knowing that every small step is an investment in our planet and in shifting our role from ‘ users’ to ‘ carers’ as we become more conscious of the resources we use and how we can begin to use less in our day to day life.

This idea ties in with the process known in transition language as ‘ energy descent’, which is a movement toward a powered down future. To me this means at a local level we can begin to look at the areas where we use excess of resources such as oil ,electricity and water and commit to decrease our usage of these resources. The overall intention of the process of energy descent is to reduce our material consumption and adapt to the declining net energy availability, and ideally to become more localised and self-reliant.

It is an opportunity for positive change and conscious awareness in living in greater harmony and in a more natural state with our precious environment, which seems to be a good solution all round , I would say.

And in closing, I need to remind everyone that we all have a personal responsibility to become more aware – to know and understand the affect of our behaviours and habits on the world around us and how we can take practical actionshamans forest to implement change. I see this as a collective effort and I will be interested to observe this transition journey and the inevitable transformation in me!

So, here’s to my first post on my transition journey; hope you enjoy this share 😉  …   Leah ~*

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