Getting off the ground


A quick group effort to make a trellis to grow your beans on

21st May the first gathering at Wentworthville Community centre. We had a fast moving program for the evening.

Build Community

We had a quick relational meeting aimed at getting to know each other a bit more. With this we get to appreciate each other and be able to understand where we are coming from.


Power and Energy at home

Borrow this kit from a library near you (in NSW)

Borrow this kit from a library near you (in NSW)

Antony demonstrated the power saving kit. You can borrow this kit from the local library. With this kit you can find where cold air is getting into the house, check how much a electrical appliance costs to run and check temperature settings of the fridge, hot water etc.

Food workshop

Tom stepped us through a food session. There is so much to work with around sustainability and food, so there is plenty of ways we can work on our relationship to food. This time we did an appreciative enquiry. This was just to go around the circle and say one thing that we had done to tackle our food sustainability. Answers came out like; growing some veges, eating vegetarian, buying certified organic, taking home prepared lunch to work.. The other part was to set an intention for the next month to take another step. Like; buy organic, plant more veges, eat more fruit to get healthier…

Hands On

The aim of the hands on is for all present to make something that can be useful in our transition towns journey. Learning a new skill is one way of doing this. Trellis making was the exercise we did. Out with the bamboo stakes and some string and wire and get on with it. The trellis of course can be used on you balcony, in your backyard or in a community garden. If you are growing any climbing  plant like beans, they will love to have something to grow up.

Magic happens when we settle into doing hands on together. Something we have been doing for centuries but seem to have forgotten a little bit. So we get to have a good chat while we work, enjoying company and jokes and producing something useful.

Watch this space

Transition Parramatta will be having regular gatherings and you are welcome to come along and participate in community effort to build a sustainable future.

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